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Welcome to the Sinbad elearning course

This course is aiming on early-childhood educators, who are interested in learning new teaching methodologies. This storytelling course wants to enhance the key competence acquisition of children.

The course is free of charge and contains lessons about
  • the concept of competence and the EU key competences,
  • the selection of adequate stories,
  • story structure and
  • presentation of stories,
  • the involvement of children and
  • targeted competence development activities in relation to key competences but also storytelling competences.

You can either attend this course as an independent further training or in order to prepare for our face-to-face training offers.


Once you finished the course you can choose to receive a certificate. This requires registration and filling in an online feedback form

Technical requirements

There are no special technical requirements. But as you are led through the course by a moderator, you need an headset or speakers. If you are not able to through the course in one session, please make sure to keep in mind where you stopped the course since its not saved automatically.