„A journey to promote key competences in early childhood education through storytelling“

Sinbad e-learning course online

Are you interested in learning storytelling or to use this approach in your work with children – the Sinbad e-learning course could be a first step into the world of storytelling in early childhood education. The e-learning course is now available in English, German, Greek, Lithuanian and Netherlands and ready for you to test on the Sinbad website. The course is aiming on early childhood educators interested in new teaching methodologies but also at everyone interested in storytelling. The course is free of charge and offers information about the concept of competences, the selection and presentation of adequate stories and the involvement of children. It also presents aditional material on how to train your own storytelling competences and ideas for key competence related activities for children. You find links to story selections and can test yourself in self-evaluation questionnaires at the end of each chapter.

You can attend this course either as an indepented training with the option of receiving a certificate at the end of the course, or you visit the course as a preperation for the face-to-face workshops, which are also available in different countries from March 2016 on. If you are interested in the E-learning course and/or the face-to-face workshops please visit the Sinbad website.
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Sinbad Workshop

The Sinbad face-to-face Storytelling workshops are now starting off in participating partner countries England, Germany, Greece, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

If you want to learn storytelling, combine this with competence oriented learning and learn how to use this approach in your work with children, the Sinbad e-learning course is a good start – but cannot replace the possibility to exchange and practice with our trainers and your colleagues. For this reason the Sinbad partnership follows a blended learning concept and is offering workshops. The workshops gives information about, e.g. the concept of competence and competence based learning, the origins of storytelling and its relevance for education, the choice and presenting of a story and the involvement of children in the storytelling experience. It is aiming to provide you with own storytelling experiences and practical ideas on how to further use storytelling.

You can participate of course just for personal interest but also use the workshops for formal further education. All applicants for a certificate are required to complete approximately 7 hours of training. Certification follows ECVET principles (European Credit System of Vocational Education and Training) and is based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). This first series of practical sessions are free of charge. For further information and upcoming dates of the Sinbad workshops check the website.
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