a journey to promote key competences in early childhood education through storytelling

Everyone likes a good story – for entertainment or also for educational purposes, e.g. to keep the attention of children while imparting important contents or to develop competences. Competences like communication in the mother tongue or a foreign language, social competences, basic mathematical skills… - fundamental contents as basis for lifelong learning

According to the Pisa studies almost 20% of children at the age of 15 are not able to read properly. They mostly originate from families offering little stimulation. This clearly shows the crucial role of early childhood education and by this of the kindergarten educators.

“Imagine that there was a magic potion which gets your child to sit still and listen attentively, which at the same time gives wings to his or her imagination and extends vocabulary, which additionally develops the capacity to put oneself in another person’s place and share their feelings, which also strengthens your child’s trust and allows him or her to look into the future with courage and confidence. Such a magic potion does, indeed, exist: it is the fairy tales which we tell or read to our children. Story lessons are the highest form of teaching.”

(Gerald Hüther, Professor for Neurobiology, University Göttingen)

This magic potion according to Hüther is not the fairy tale as such but the emotional relationship with the content and the people in the fairy tale, in which the child allows itself to be involved with the empathetic help of the storyteller as he or she listens.

The Sinbad project aims at promoting storytelling and the use of storytelling techniques in pre-school and primary school education, in order to enhance the key competences acquired by children. The project activities therefore support pre-school and primary school teachers in learning or further developing oral storytelling, gives advice on how to actively involve children and impart methods for a targeted competence development.

Sinbad at a glance

  • Pedagogical background information
    • Competence based learning in early childhood education
    • EU key competences
    • Storytelling as teaching method
  • Education pack and elearning course: Storytelling for the competence development of children
  • Practical face-to-face workshops: Storytelling for the competence .
  • Guidelines for organising face-to-face workshops and collegial exchange independently
  • Collection of example stories as resource and basis for further ideas